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The Ultimate Family Tree
Easily build your Family Tree website online. Invite friends and family to view and/or update your site. Each private and secure website is loaded with Photos, Charts, Reports, Relationships, Events and Stories. Just add names of your relatives and instantly create your website.

You will be able to add to and edit your family tree online. Other members of your family may contribute simply by logging in and adding their own branches.

Charts and Reports
Your Family Tree website automatically generates Ancestor, Descendant and Family Charts for each name in your site.

Privacy & Security
Separate passwords for site administrators and visitors. For privacy you can hide some or all the information of Living Persons in your website.

Keep Track of Family Information
Keep track of upcoming birthdays, aniversaries and contact information like email, addresses and phone numbers.

Family Postcards
Your website will automatically send postcards to each member of your family twice a year. The postcard is customized for your family and tells members where your family tree is located and how to log in.

The Ultimate Family Tree
$54.95 /month

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Family Connection Place
It's better than a blog, a social network or email. It's your family's private space.

Get everyone in your family connected on your very own private password protected family website from Your family web site comes preconfigured with everything you need to connect online with your loved ones around the world. We've made it so easy for you to customize and manage a professional looking website. All you do is add the content. No need to understand web publishing tools or be a web wizard.

It's More Than a Website
Packed with tons of great interactive features that let your family stay in touch with each other. Share family photos and news. Exchange messages on the message board. Chat live with instant messaging. Forget about forgetting another birthday or aniversary with the Family Calendar. Never lose another address with the Family Address Book.

One Fee Covers Everyone
There are never any per family member fees. Add as many family members as you want...parents, grandparents, children, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins can all get in on the fun for one low family fee. Join our growing list of satisfied customers who are finding it quick, easy and surprisingly affordable to get their whole family connected online.

Fast & Easy
The most comprehensive and powerful family website package of its kind for connecting entire families on the market today. Don't spend countless hours or dollars developing your own family websites when you can be online and fully operational in as little as 24 hours!

Family Connection Place
$54.95 /month

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The Online Bible
The Ultimate Bible website. Search, read and e-mail Genesis through Revelations.

The Online Bible is a complete Bible study research website. Ideal for churches, youth groups or family websites. Search and read all the books of the Bible, Genesis through Revelations. Email a specific chapter to a friend or relative. Use the Online Bible as a stand-alone website or an additional study research tool for your existing website. See Demo

Extensive Search
Looking for specific topic; but not sure where to find it? Type keywords into the search box and instantly find verses with those keywords.

Email the Bible
Want to share a favorite passage with a friend. Send it via e-mail with a click of the mouse.

The Ultimate Online Bible
$12.95 per month

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